The refinery of Phase 19 of South Pars gas field

One of the largest contracts of E.G.P. Co. has been to supply more than 300,000 m2 of Aluminum Jacketing and insulation ancillaries for Phase 19 of South Pars Gas Field Development Project (according to the NIOC’s standard (IPS)).

The onshore establishments and facilities of Phase 19 border the Persian Gulf in Tumabk region (approximately 210 km East-South of Bushehr Port) in an area measuring about 218.5 hectares, between the refineries of Phase 11 and 12 of South Pars, in Pars 2 Energy Economic Special Zone. Phase 19 includes drilling of 15 wells on three wellhead platforms. The gas and condensates extracted from the said wells will be transferred to the Onshore facilities in Tumbak region using 2 submarine gas pipelines measuring approximately 129 Km in length. In the Onshore refinery, the sour gas, condensates, water and other impurities will be collected from offshore facilities and upon separation; they will be refined into intended materials. Upon sweetening the sour gas in 4 rows of gas processing, sweet gas is injected into Pipeline VI of the National Gas Grid. The condensate separated in the refinery is exported using submarine pipeline and SPM.

The refinery started work in April 2017.

Phase 19 development of South Pars is set to produce 50 mcm/d of sweet gas, 75,000 b/d of gas condensate, 400 tons a day of sulfur, 1.05 million tons a year of liquefied petroleum gas and one million tons a year of ethane.

.Innovator and pioneer manufacturer of insulation poly-kraft metal jacketing (by continuous casting) in Iran 
.The manufacturer of seamless alloy steel tubes

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