Persian Gulf Star Refinery Project

E.G.P. Co. is honored to manufacture and procure more than 700 thousand m2 of Aluminum Jacketing and insulation ancillaries associated with the major ongoing refining project in Iran in accordance with the NIOC’s standard (IPS).

Construction of Persian Gulf Star refinery is the first refinery designed based on gas condensate feeds with capacity of daily 360,000 gallons from 2006 in a field of 700 Ha in Bandar Abbas which would utilized in case of on time supply of financial resources to up to March 2018.

Utilizing Persian Gulf Star Refinery, Iran is now self-sufficient in terms of petrol and diesel and this refinery will become one of 5 main exporters of petrol in Middle East.

Ebdaagaran Padide Company with more than 16 years of excellence plays significant role in insulator protection productions in completion of construction and utilization project of Persian Gulf Star.


.Innovator and pioneer manufacturer of insulation poly-kraft metal jacketing (by continuous casting) in Iran 
.The manufacturer of seamless alloy steel tubes

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