Aluminium Jacketing laminated with polykraft moisture barrier (PMB)

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Insulation is among the highly significant issues in large-scale facilities and factories including refineries and power plants because use of insulators leads to saving in costs via reduction of heating and cooling energy losses, and, helps environment conservation, process control, and also, safety enhancement. It is inevitable to utilize insulator protection jacketing to protect the insulator itself against detrimental ambient agents as well as mechanical damages and also to maintain the efficiency of insulators for longer duration.  

Nowadays, among variety of metallic insulator protection metal jackets, aluminum jacketing is the more popular compared to other counterparts due to its low weight, high flexibility and resistance against corrosion.

E.G.P. Aluminum Jacketing products are typically manufactured using alloys 1000 and 3000 in accordance with “ASTM B209” and “EN 485” standards. Different types of aluminum jacketing with Polykraft Moisture Barrier (PFBM) manufactured by this company are divided into four categories, as below:

  1. Smooth aluminum jacketing in rolls of 1 meter width, thickness ranging from 0.25 through 1.2mm & length upon request.
  2. Smooth aluminum jacketing sheets, thickness ranging from 0.25 through 1.2mm, 1m width and 2m length.
  3. Corrugated aluminum jacketing rolls (5mm corrugation) of thickness ranging from 0.25 through 0.5mm, width 1m and length 30m.
  4. Deep corrugated aluminium jacketing sheets (32 mm corrugation) thickness ranging from 0.25 through 1.2mm, width 0.92m and length 2m.


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