Three-layer Polyethylene & Polysurlyn Films

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In today's fast-paced transforming world, packaging companies play crucial role. Most producers believe that as long as their product is high quality there is no need to worry about packaging; however, the look and quality of packaging affect sales. Packaging should also keep products safe from outside elements.

Essential Factors to Consider When Choosing Packaging Material

  • Weight-bearing, impact resistance and resistance to tearing or cracking
  • Resistance to temperature and moisture
  • UV protection for sensitive products

We offer different 3-layer films:

  • Polysurlyn shrink and skin/stretch film
  • Laminated film used in Doypack, sachet, shopping bag, Tetra Pak , etc
  • Anti bacterial, anti-UV, anti-static films
  • Light/heavy duty bags
  • Polyethylene 3-layer FFS films

Polysurlyn Film

Polysurlyn is derived from Surlyn -a transparent and solid resin- which makes the packaging completely sealed against moisture.  Its high melting point allows use of higher temperature in packaging process.

According to our studies and practices, polysurlyn film produced by E.G.P. has qualities as follows:

  • It is waterproof.
  • Does not discolor, tear in contact with water.
  • Is scratchproof.
  • It is durable and resistant against wide range of natural hazards.

Suitable Application of Polysurlyn Film

  • Packaging industrial goods and delicate electronic parts
  • Shrinking components and products sensitive to moisture
  • Food packaging

Skin/Stretch Packaging Film

Both skin and stretch packaging shows products clearly for maximum shelf appeal, helping increase sales. It also eliminates missing components and reduces the risk of items being separated from the rest of the order. Skin/Stretch packaging offer significant weight and volume reduction compared to traditional packaging without sacrificing performance. Packaging odd shaped goods with traditional packaging methods requires much more material and space but with Skin/Stretch packaging you can package the oddest shaped goods easily because the skin film shrinks tight on product. It also allows a low ratio of packaging to product, which can provide substantial savings in product transport, reduce their source material leading to less waste and more sustainability.

Advantages of Using Polysurlyn Film in Skin/Stretch Packaging

  • Faster Processing: Surlyn absorbs infrared heat at about twice the rate of polyethylene. Its ability to soften more quickly in the heating phase speeds up the whole packaging process.
  • Cost efficient.
  • Surlyn’s high melting point makes use of higher temperature possible.
  • Better Puncture and Abrasion Resistance: Films made of Surlyn® are not easily punctured by pointed objects and sharp edges, especially during the critical forming stages of the packaging cycle.
  • Better chemical resistance
  • Cold-Weather resistance
  • Prevents metal corrosion

Shrink Film

Shrink film, aka shrink wrap, is a transparent material made up of polymerplastic film and is used in shrink machine. The film is applied over or around the intended item according to its size and shape; then the product is sent through a shrink tunnel for heating. When heat is applied to shrink film, it creates a very tight seal over whatever it is covering. Not only is it easy to use, but it offers a wide range of benefits as well: Versatility (with shrink films you can package just about anything, regardless of size), high durability, difficult to tear or puncture, can be designed with colors...

Shrink wrapping is one of the easiest and most affordable ways of packaging today and polyethylene is the most common material used for shrink films.

E.G.P.’s shrink wraps are one to three layer films made up of polyethylene or other polymer plastics. We can modify its thickness upon request.

Benefits of Using E.G.P.’s Shrink Films

  • High transparency
  • High durability
  • High level of free shrink (shrink-ability)
  • Even thickness

Common Applications of Shrink Films

  • Supermarket (Water, soda bottle packs, cans…)
  • Food industry (fruit, vegetable, meat…)
  • ·Medical and pharmaceutical packaging
  • Construction industry (tiles, bricks…)
  • Automobile industry (different car components)
  • Boxes

The Difference between Shrink and Stretch

Shrink film and stretch film are often confused, as they look very similar and as mentioned above, can both be made of polyethylene. However, they each perform very differently:

A shrink film is loosely placed over a single item or multiple items around which it will shrink when heat is applied, creating a tight, tamper-resistant seal of protection.

A stretch/skin film is formulated to be able to stretch around items. The elastic-memory of the film, along with its ability to cling to itself, keeps a tight layer of protection around the items.

Polyethylene FFS (Form-Fill-Seal) Three-layer Films

A special kind of heavy duty bags are fabricated using FFS (Form, Fill & Seal) films. Three layered blown FFS films are highly consumed in heavy sack packaging and petrochemical industries. Applying polyethylene bags compared to other materials (propylene, paper,…) uses less energy, reduces waste and greenhouse gas.

Main Applications of FFS 3-layer Films

  • Powder or pellet (petrochemical products) packaging
  • Chemical fertilizers packaging
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