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Ebdaagaran Padide (E.G.P.) Company has been supplying Insulation Aluminum Jacketing and all Insulation Ancillaries, since 1998. Our products are in accordance with the standards of NIOC (IPS), National Petrochemical Company (NPC), and Iran Power Development Company (IPDC). In 2016 E.G.P. has installed Seamless Alloy Steel Tubes production line for meeting a broad range of demands in various industries, particularly oil, gas, and petrochemical industries.
The company is honored to pioneer use of continuous casting method for production of insulation barrier jackets in Iran and also is the first Iranian manufacturer of aluminum jacketing with polyfilm liner.

What we offer are as follow:
-    Insulation Aluminum Jacketing laminated with polykraft moisture barrier (PMB) in smooth, embossed and corrugated types in forms of rolls or sheets 
-    Insulation Aluminum Jacketing laminated with polyfilm moisture barrier (PFMB) in smooth, embossed and corrugated types in forms of rolls or sheets  
-    Insulation Aluminum Jacketing laminated with polysurlyn moisture barrier (PSMB) in smooth, embossed and corrugated types in forms of rolls or sheets 
-    All metal Insulation Ancillaries including bracket, spring, wire and strap of stainless steel and galvanized material 
-    Other non-metal Insulation Ancillaries including mastic, sealant tape and etc.
-    Seamless Alloy Steel Tubes

The name of E.G.P. Co. as the pioneer manufacturer in the field of insulator protection, is included in the vendor lists approved by the Ministry of Petroleum, National Iranian Oil Refining and Distribution Company, and National Iranian Petrochemical Company. For more than one decade, this company is honored for its involvement in more than 100 refinery and petrochemical projects.

It is worth noting that in 2009, our company succeeded in acquiring the 38th certificate and international award of “Commercial Prestige” as well as the international title of “Global Quality Management” from Spain.


General Information:

Company’s Name: Ebdaagaran Padide
Company’s Nationality: Iranian
Establishment Year: 1998
Type of company: Private – Private Joint Stock(P.J.S.)
Chairman of the board of directors: Dariush Sheibani
Managing director: Khodayar Sheibani 
Vice-president of  the board of directors: Nahid Salehi










.Innovator and pioneer manufacturer of insulation poly-kraft metal jacketing (by continuous casting) in Iran 
.The manufacturer of seamless alloy steel tubes

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