The refineries of Phases 13 & 14 of South Pars gas field

The contract for the development of phases 13 & 14 of South Pars project has been signed between Mapna Company as employer and E.G.P. Co. as one of the main suppliers of Aluminum Jacketing and insulation ancillaries.

Upon commissioning, each of the phases 13 and 14 will be capable of producing 50 million cubic meters of sweet gas, 77 thousand of gas condensates, and 2900 tons of liquefied gas per day. Furthermore, multiple folds of added value will be gained taking into account daily production of 2750 tons of ethane for petrochemical complexes.

Mapna Company is engaged in engineering, procurement, construction, erection and running of compressor and metering station, sulfur recovery and granule making units, power distribution, steam generation and distribution unit, fuel supply systems, supply and distribution of service and precision tool air, production and storage of nitrogen, facilities for the transfer of sea water, booster pump, water packages, diesel, cooling water package, treatment of water and waste water, chemicals and sulfur storage tanks and electrical systems.

.Innovator and pioneer manufacturer of insulation poly-kraft metal jacketing (by continuous casting) in Iran 
.The manufacturer of seamless alloy steel tubes

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