Certificates and awards

Certificates, memberships and awards
1.    Holder of international quality management certificate, "ISO 9001" from 2005 from SGS Company
2.    Holder of international certificate of quality management system in oil, gas and petrochemical industries "ISO/TS 29001" from 2009 from SGS company
3.    Holder of International Certificate of Management System of Complain Handling "ISO 10002" from 2014 from SGS Company
4.    Holder of International Certificate of Customer Evaluation Management System, "ISO 10004" from 2014 from SGS Company
5.    Holder of International Certificate of Identity and Product Identification Card from Iran and Canada Chamber of Commerce, " Services Identification International Center" GSI & Good
6.    Member of Iranian Petroleum Industries Equipment Manufacturers Association
7.    Member of Iran Industrial Equipment Manufacturers Association (SATSA)
8.    Member of Iran Corrosion Association "ICA"
9.    Member of Iran Productivity Association
10.    Member of Specialized Association of Research and Development Centers of Industries and Mines
11.    Member of Iran Quality Association
12.    Member of Holders of Iran Standard Sign Association
13.    Member of Trade Leader's Club (TLC)
14.    Member of International Tube Association (ITA)
15.    Winner of  “38th International award for Commercial Prestige-Madrid, Spain 2009”
16.    Winner of “Global Quality Management- Madrid Spain 2009” sign

.Innovator and pioneer manufacturer of insulation poly-kraft metal jacketing (by continuous casting) in Iran 
.The manufacturer of seamless alloy steel tubes

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