Aluminum jacketing laminated with Polyfilm moisture barrier (PFMB)

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Polyfilm(Super-Polykraft) Moisture Barrier (PFMB)



Be aware of SRBs!

After much studies and research being conducted, the new product of E.G.P. Company designated with the trademark Super-Polykraft was manufactured as a novel generation of aluminum jacketing with Polyfilm liner resistant against microbial corrosion.

Corrosion has been one of the most considerable problems of industries including petroleum, water distribution, and power plants for long. It not only imposes high costs of maintenance but also results in production shutdown, lengthening of repair duration, occurrence of disastrous incidents, and consequently, could inflict huge losses such that the respective losses in countries like England, Australia, Germany, and Japan is estimated to be around 1 to 5 percent of the gross domestic product (GDP). Contribution of microbial corrosion in the total costs of corrosion in the aforementioned industries is approximately 50%.

The reason behind use of moisture barrier is prevention of infiltration of any moisture into the metal and protection of the internal surface of the metal jackets against corrosion. Sulfur compounds are used in kraft paper production process; the respective compounds provide the conditions for generation of spores and fungi in contact with moisture, and gradually, start to decompose the paper. And, corrosion occurs if the polyethylene film coating is imperfect. The agent of this adverse phenomenon is Sulphate Reducing Bacteria (SRB). We have found a solution to cope with SRBs via replacing the Polykraft Moisture Barrier (PMB) with Polyfilm Moisture Barrier (PFMB).  It is worth noting that the achievement of these efforts and research has been confirmed by Research Institute of Petroleum Industry (Iran).


Thanks to its two polyethylene layers at two sides of the kraft paper, PFMB prevents moisture from transferring into the paper, and on the other hand, acts as an electrical insulator leading to prevention of formation of galvanic cell and corrosion occurrence. The principal superiority of this moisture barrier compared to polykraft liner is prevention of growth and proliferation of SRB bacteria and further protection of the insulator.


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